People have been asking me the meaning of Braille. Why that word holds so much value to me and why I chose it to be the name of my new project. Braille is one of those words that molds to the place I am in life, its about feeling, expression and my story. I will try my best to describe something most people see as a aid for the blind. The word holds other meanings, but this is its main definition. Its rather personal... 

Braille is the marks left from every experience in my life.
The dots that remain from the people who have impacted me. Braille is everything between the laugh lines on my face, the marks that remain from my children and the scars around my heart.  It's my story, and its coded so only those who I let close enough to touch, can run their fingers across my skin and truly know me. I want to provoke feeling with everything I do, from my writing, my music and my photos. I thrive off artistic expression and I want to use those things to act as my journal. I don't want to read the day to day details, I want to relive the highs and lows through my art. Yes... even the lows. If you aren't willing to experience pain how will you ever fully experience bliss. I know one day, someone will be able to read the braille wrapped around my heart. Those marks made me who I am and drive me to the women I want to become, therefor, the person who understands each smudge, scar and line is as grateful for them as I am. I want my story to be beautiful. I want to have it poured onto a canvas, for it to be tangible and to be felt. I am a passionate person, I love big and I have big dreams. I am going to do something great, I can feel it.

Braille is feeling without seeing, its my faith in heart and happiness.