Breathing deeper

We all have something that built the root of us
Why we are the way we are.
Why we see the world in a particular way.
Do you notice the canopy of light embracing the room?
Do you notice the way a vintage book store smells?
Do you notice how beautiful twilight looks in a rear view mirror?
My constant craving since I was a child was a need for a safe place
a quiet place....
somewhere real but equally magical.
I believe the most beautiful things in life are not fairy tales but creating moments that stain your very soul with emotion.
Something that lingers, something unforgettable and feeds the root of who you are.
I want those marks forever. Its my story, its who I am.
Breathing is a funny thing.
We do it all day, every single second without even thinking.
Its natural, something hardwired in us all.
My heart tends to race.
It can be scary in moments. Its something I have grown custom too.
Shortness of breath ... always trying to take a deeper one.
Trying to find my safe place, my calm place.
When you burst into tears for no valid reason besides just wanting your heart to slow.
A desperate need to create some sort of distance between you and that feeling.
breath, deeper... be still
That same constant craving for a safe place is also what fuels the most beautiful and creative side of me.
I see things. Things I feel most people neglect. 
The forgotten beauty and connections of love.
The real reason we are even here.
Its a balance