In this moment

Is it weird, that at times, I feel ageless. 
I am not old, I am not young. 
I am just wrapped in a day, a moment of time. 
All of which can tell me, to the very second how "old" I am. 
On days like these I feel, Forever. 
There's not a stop and start, just on a constant cycle. 
But then there's moments I feel I have earned my scars, my bruises and place.
Yet my number  Age doesn't quite add up. 
Its been hard at times. 
The search for safety. 
You see, I plan to make something of myself. 
I have a simple yet complex urgency for life. 
I want my children in a home open to question and discovery, to not fear but explore with bliss.
I want to fall asleep one day, knowing, I finally reached my goal. 
Life is as beautiful as I dreamt it, and I never thought it was possible.
 My mind never stops, ... It's like a speeding flash of life, simple moments, and emotions thrown into a beautiful accident.


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