To you:

Its a fact, there is something about you.
Its different, I can see it your eyes. I loved you before I knew you. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve a girl like you. Kitkat, you see... I am trying. I am trying so hard to ensure you have the chance to live life with eyes wide open. I want you to experience it all and think for yourself. I always thought you were special. That's what all moms think of their children but, the older you become the more I see just how bright you can be. You watch and take notes of the world around you before speaking. You are sensitive to peoples feeling and quick to apologize. You ask questions till I'm annoyed and will debate your point of view relentlessly. You are fearless to put yourself out there yet, weary of predictable pain. You remind me so much of myself but, a far better version. As your mother, I can only hope god knew what he was doing entrusting me with you. You are my little lady and along with your brother, my only constant. You made me what I am, you give me something to be proud of. I hope you know, I need you and I love you so, so very much. Don't let the simple fears hinder you from finding who you are and becoming what I know you will be. The waters warm...
love mom


hold on

Do you ever just feel a little empty.
Not in a sad way ...
just a need to fill something, create something... be something.
I feel something coming...
I will try to be satisfied


New school year

The kids started their first day of school today. Its wild how fast time goes by. I can't believe I have TWO KIDLETS in FULL time school. The summer was fun but its nice to get back into a routine. It was a full time job keeping them from getting bored and from the mess having them home all day created. Love my little munchkins and cant wait to see what this new year brings them.
Billy was slightly nervous, he is my shy guy...while kitkat was ready to meet her new BFF.


week 27 project: A thousand words

 This weeks project was " a thousand words" 
I was location scouting as I often do, cruising with music blaring and my kids dangling their little fingers out the window. 
We were still in swim gear, the light was fleeting but, the moment was perfect.
It hit me...
 So I asked kitkat the age old question: 
if you scream as loud as you can and no ones around to hear it, did the sound ever really exist. 
Skip over to one of MY FAVORITE ladies ever. Miss becky has something amazing, I am sure of it.


Daughter - music you should give a listen

No pictures, no thoughts I feel a need to spill.
Just a artist I love SO much that you should give a listen too.
Here is a new single.


kite strings

I daydream, 
I would have to say its my natural state.
Reality grounds me but, is far too overrated.
Music is my silence, I swear it.
I feel like the worlds pulling me away somehow.
Maybe its just this fever that's creeping up on me
I want to run away, just get in the car and pick my own true north.
I want to hold someones hand the whole way
We would sticky note melodies
and flag our map with memories worth keeping....
I have learned a few things in my little life time. 
But most importantly its roots before branches.


project 26 - its time to reflect

This weeks project I kind of dropped the ball. I was outta town and shooting almost every night. Ive never liked taking concepts and making them literal. With that said, this isnt a "shoot", this isnt anything more than a couple snap shots on a picnic night with friends. This is when I literally reflect, when I need a listening ear or a few words of advice from those I care about. If you are always looking back you will miss the beauty of where you are going. Its a simple concept but a hard one to learn. So this time my reflection project serves as a thank you to the people I have around me. My sweet friend here is only one of them. 

There are far better things ahead than what we leave behind. -c.s lewis


something shared

 To use people as a catalyst is cruel but common. 
A lovely friend shared this with me a few weeks ago, I didnt have a chance to watch it till now.
"you warn loneliness, I seek my own way"



Word of the day is irony

Why are people so desperate for some divine explanation. 
I think humans in general, desperately need to place their belief in something, anything. 
Its not that I don't believe there is a plan of sorts, its not that I don't have faith. 
I just refuse to use mine as a crutch in life. I am not going to create a false sense of safety
I sometimes feel like there is a giant puzzle. 
I can conform and fit the mold but, then I would never get to see the whole picture. 
Id be naively and safely placed where I'm told I go yet, never know for myself. 
I find it all very ironic, how all it takes is a few moment of clarity to see something that was there all along.
I am not a girl who is convinced easily 
but I do believe I am made to do so much more.