pep talks

I need a pep talk from time to time, we all do.
Ive got a to do list to scare any OCD woman...
"There is nothing there to harm you at all, uncover your eyes presume uncertain skies."

Prepping for a BEAUTIFUL Malibu wedding tomorrow and looking forward to hopping on a plane.... 
If anyone wants to sit on a beach with me afterwards let me know.


whisper to me

As I sat on my front porch and felt the breeze, I deiced to chase the last 20 minutes of light. 
I yelled down the street, " hey babies, lets go" 
Ten minutes later and after only ten minutes of shooting, I feel better about my day. 
The gush of wind whispered something
{I hope to some degree, you can feel just how much I love them }

I found all the pieces
I lost in the flood

but Ill always remember the night I almost drowned all alone in that house


On my mind

I piece of my thought process was spilled here....


simple is always best

With my very busy wedding filled weekend, my babies were away. Oh how I missed them....
kitkat lets me sit and chat while takings little snap shots of her. We laid around on the kitchen floor and caught up....


short but sweet

Have you missed me?
I know, I know its been a little scattered lately.
Wedding seasons in full swing, my littles are outta school and Im just on the run all day long.
I plan to have some delightful post to catch you up next week but for now,
I leave you with one of the simplest, most sweet songs ever! 
On a side note, I am in a supper club now! I was basically giddy to be invited.
I love pretending I'm a chef on food network.  :)
I promise to share all the fun stuff Im making.
Happy weekend everyone, I am off to a wedding


what they feed you

I am my pictures,
its not a image.
Nothing more than a moment frozen in time.
I don't pretend,
its my heart.
Take it or leave it....


my little lady

Sometimes I cave and let her feel like a little lady.
lipstick and all
love her