Current jam on repeat , kinda obsessed, love the lyrics

  1. The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
  2. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.
  3. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
4. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

ob·session·al adj.
ob·session·al·ly adv.

" just sing yourself a song and wait. nothing was promised in the first place"

Little people

Good sitters allow cheetos for lunch and full ownership of ones ipad....

Slightly better on my manual focus, high five me.
film progress


I should be sleeping

I should be sleeping
I am not feeling good so, I took a bath, enjoyed some chai and got some work done.
But instead of resting I am pinning, all while convincing billy he should be sleeping.
So question for you, do you pin? If so what ....
Feel free to see what tickles my fancy on the internet.
Mainly pretty pictures, pretty dresses and pretty melodies.

Dress up

My real life little barbie doll. 
Finally playing with film more...
enjoy the process of my learning.


New loves

Welcome to one of the new albums I am loving.
Found some yummy new music to share. Stayed tuned

"darling, did you miss me?"
"baby, you have no idea"



yet another birthday post

My dear friend Ciara and I bring out a funny side of each other. Geeky one might say...
Anywho, I always try to take my friends out for bday dinner and we finally found a night free from our kiddos.
Shes got such a dry sense of humor and can deliver a punch line like no other. 
 One main reason why shes a keeper, we tend to play jokes on strangers. 
For example, we will walk around holding hands and ramble things like,
"come with mommies billy" 
What can I say, the facial expressions are priceless.
We are nerds and I swear very mature.
Like below, basking in the moon light ;)

(Her birthday post in LA trumps mine, but I am blaming the lighting. wink )

My birthday boy

My boy turned 6 this week...
Birthday breakfast is a big deal in our little family and he chose Ruths diner just up the canyon.
I love our little one on one moments. The things he says always crack me up.
This year, he wanted Christmas cupcakes, hes got this weird thing for Christmas colors.
I kinda love it about him, so I always try to play into it.
When I took cupcakes into his class, his teachers aid pulled me aside and said...
"I try to not pick favorites but his voice melts my heart. I adore him"
She is right, and when that voice changes I may cry.
He is the most lovable little boy I know.
I am so grateful to call him mine.  



Hello world

I love drives, a lot. 
I know I speak of them often but its true.  
I get a yummy drink, play the right melody for my mood and just drive.
I also played around with my holga....
Redscale film if you were wondering.
These make me happy


Lipstick love

Rather smitten with my new hue. 
I was wanting to try a deep purple for a while now but was afraid it would look weird with the red hair.
I ran into a friend while in Nordstrom and she assured me I dont look like a coke addict ....
I love new lipsticks, give purple a whirl....
Mac media



Tonight I was lucky enough to have dinner with three of the most well dressed men around.
 Kristopher is jumping ship and off to Canada he goes.
He didnt take all the ladies offers of marriage to get his green card.
I guess hes looking for true love, who knew.

All images taken with my crappy phone 

Falling in love

Its no secret I am a passionate person.
I daydream, I try to be hopeful, I want to believe.
I was recently asked if I fall in love easily, oddly enough...I answered yes. 
Despite the fact I can say, I've only truly loved one man in my little lifetime.
I do it all the time.
I fall in love with a view or a series of words. 
I fall for melodies that play on repeat, which in return inspire a photograph.
I find it thrilling watching the light dance and seeing my couples blissful in love. 
It may sound silly but, I can honestly say, I am a romantic.
I am not romantic in the sense of needing a man to make me happy.
Ironically enough, that's the only thing in my life that's made me unhappy.
I fall in love with beauty or something raw and honest.
I love sincerity and have mini love affairs weekly.
I try to find the most inspiring things in my world and feed off of them. 
Its what makes me tick and more importantly, its what makes me happy.
I do not fall in love in the traditional sense.
It takes a blow torch to warm this heart of mine but,
it doesn't mean there isn't room.

 Go ahead, make a mockery...
at least I know what I was made for.

Today I fell in love

"the only woman you ever loved, that got burnt by the sun too often when she was young"


I like to laugh

Attention all wedding photogs
This is for you :)


ps: I secretly want a ripped steel action....


little things I am loving

Do you ever have those moments where you realize, 
you really can achieve your goals.
Feeling rather limitless tonight.

I have also been enjoying a few documentaries.
I recommend:
Helvetica, Objectified and heima


darling divine

I hide in places where the stars are constant and I can paint the things I see 
I dream of Sunday snuggles and the sharing of socks
We play house like when I was a girl, with tea cups and fancy drinks
I am the best little host in town and you, you are my biggest fan
I love the way you graze my cheek and how your shirt absorbs my tears
You can silence all my worries and the experiences that formed my fears
I love the laughter down the hall, from two little children who are ignorant to it all
They have nothing to fear, nothing to dread because I promise to always be near
I dream of a place where picket fences are replaced by lights
where you consume these simple nights


2012 horoscope

I had a lunch consult with a recently engaged little beauty.
I am so excited to have her as a client. She is a talented graphic designer and was sweet enough to custom create my 2012 horoscope for me.
Pretty rad right? I wish I was talented in design like this. Oddly enough, my horoscope for 2012 says just what was in my plans.
My focus is on my creative goals and my babies, its going to be a wonderful year.
Thanks miss Sara, you're a delight and I cant wait for your wedding.


I was baffled when I learned about this bill.
I am not a girl who claims to be up to date on all her politics but, this one seems just ridiculous to me.
wow... just wow, guess my blog would be a huge copyright issue...
Think, NO more pinterest
Zero you tube melodies 
and NO more wikipedia searches...
███ ██ █ ██


A very merry Christmas

Special thanks to my amazing sweet friend abi
for letting us share the holidays with her family