autumn collapsed into winter

 We walk around our little corner of the world as much as possible.
All within a week autumn collapsed into winter.
One day we are enjoying all of autumns litter to find it buried in snow the following day.  
When they are gone for the weekend {as they often are} I find myself editing photos we have taken because I miss them so much.
I don't feel quite normal without our morning routine and even miss the "talking to the walls" at bed time.
It can be chaos but I love the consistency. I am always a little off without them.
"There are two things we should give to our children. One is roots, the other is wings" -

 {"mom I am making my cool face for you... to make your picture look good"}


Hannah Nicole said...

magical. these are beautiful and they are darling. his cool face and reasons behind it were so sweet -- sounds like my brother. :)

Amanda said...

Soooooo precious! I'm due to have a little boy this spring, and I'm not gonna lie- your photos of your littles get me so excited for one of each- and the sweet bond they share!

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

There is something about the mailbox photo that i just magical.

And all the others.. beautiful as always. Winter seems quite warm in your world.

kristy said...

Loved them all, but i particularly enjoyed billy's cool face!)

kristy said...

Loved all of them, but I particularly enjoyed billy's cool face!)

I Read At Night said...

I love how it collapsed into winter. I love your girl's golden yellow color against the drab chilly fall and the sudden contrast of Black and White images. I love the photo of the two kiddos standing in the reflection of the water. Thanks again for these blog posts. I enjoy them so much (and I just got internet again after two seasons without it, so I'm super excited to be able to look at your photo work again)


Allison Taylor said...

I must say, your photos are incredible. Just, breathtaking. haha don't tell anyone else but I've been creeping on your blog for almost an hour now. It's funny how Utah's weather will randomly change into the next season without warning. The snow looks pretty fun though!

kylie said...

truly breathtaking