Its just a piece of paper

The phone call gave me closure to something I never understood. 
The photos left me un phased. Grateful even.... 
The little piece of paper somehow hurt. I am not sure why.... 
The person I once was and everything I believed in, was in that ink. 
Sometimes I miss her, the simplicity of it all. 
Now I figure out how to gracefully complete my exit 



withtwohands said...

You don't know me... but I've read your blog for at least 5 years - through your second temple sealing, through your back and forth, through your trials tribulations struggles and sorrows - but more so, through the Greatness of YOU discovering, YOU. I am so proud of you - even if we don't know each other ... I a fellow single mother, of 2, a nearly 7 year old (Jan) daughter, and 5 (dec) son. A woman who was in Utah, with you - struggiling with all those beliefs, with everything we were indoctrinated to believe and thought we so desperately wanted. TO understand that it's okay to not want those same things - and yet still teeter back and forth, even if we know what's right for us personally, as human Beings.

I've looked up to you since I was in my marriage, since I had a 3 year old and a newborn. Since I knew what life was - when I was still stuck in Utah, in an awful marriage, with no self esteem or value for who or what I am and was.

Thank you, beyond the words I could ever write.

I have this 'project' of sending 365 notes of gratitude to those who have impacted and changed me throughout my course of life..

Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me send you a more detailed note in the mail??

if so,

Thank you Brooke

Katie Jo said...

I don't know you. I'm not Mormon, but it's been obvious to me what you're going through. I applaud you for being Brave, curious and most of all, reaching out to find the truest "you."

you're great. that's all.