Word of the day is irony

Why are people so desperate for some divine explanation. 
I think humans in general, desperately need to place their belief in something, anything. 
Its not that I don't believe there is a plan of sorts, its not that I don't have faith. 
I just refuse to use mine as a crutch in life. I am not going to create a false sense of safety
I sometimes feel like there is a giant puzzle. 
I can conform and fit the mold but, then I would never get to see the whole picture. 
Id be naively and safely placed where I'm told I go yet, never know for myself. 
I find it all very ironic, how all it takes is a few moment of clarity to see something that was there all along.
I am not a girl who is convinced easily 
but I do believe I am made to do so much more.

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