We are melting over here, I finally wised up and bought a a/c unit. I have a very small window of comfort, its about a 2 degree difference. For example, in the summer I like it at 67-69 degrees. As for my winter its 71-73 degrees besides first thing in the morning, when I crank it up to 75 so I can sit with a blanket and my toes on the vent. Anyways this 103 degree weather isnt working for me. I am not a summer girl, I was made for autumn. This weeks made me feel slightly defeated. First off, my host for my website and blog is having issues, therefor I currently have no site. Then while burning one of my many weddings I need to get in the mail, my disc drive decided it was sick of doing its ONE AND ONLY job and went on strike. Here is to tomorrow, wonder what it will bring.


kylee said...

i'm dying over that song right now. dyyyyyiing. so so good! thanks for sharing it!

Ashlee said...

I can so feel for you!! Our house has no AC either so we bought a little unit but it only keeps one room cool :( I could live in the spring all year round and be so happy!!!!