Zions 2012

Seriously such an amazing weekend...
friends worth keeping
breathtaking views
and memories that are unforgettable.
Literally almost died canyoneering but, we wont go into our stupidity
....but seriously, not kidding.
{quite the story}
I LOVE a good rush and this trip provided just that. 
We climbed to the top of Zions and swam below the surface...
Can't wait for the next one



Maggy R. said...

AMAZING PICTURES!!!!!! as always :)

Joni and Rico Adams said...

That trip looks like it was amazing!! And now I really want to see you to hear this life or death story. We're headed down to st George next Thursday for Meg's wedding. I hope the weather cooperates.

Music Mama said...

Breathtaking! Makes me homesick. Only in Utah do you find that color of blue sky.

Shonnie said...

Next time your there, go to Oscar's. It is THE BEST restaurant in Zions. Gorgeous pics!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Stunning photos, B.

Yes, Shonnie is right. Oscar's is pretty good s###... :)