Bon Iver bound

Facts are facts:
Boniver put on the best concert I have ever been to. 
It has nothing to do with him being my all time favorite musician...
but it does have everything to do with his talent being indescribable.
Justin is the only artist who can drop a hard eff bomb and make it sounds like angels calling you home.
brilliant, simply brilliant
Hes coming to slc next month, I am going to rewind & repeat.
oh and I have pretty friends huh ;)
part 2 soon to follow


Stefanie said...

BEAUTIFUL set of captures! Very inspirational. I adore the road trip photographs the most, so amazing.

Tavis Johnson said...

what an amazing 30 hours.

Joe Amundsen said...

Oh Yees.

Dari Perry said...

I am so excited to see him when he comes here in May!! Can't wait!