being human

As humans, we want to believe in ever after 
the idea of soul mates 
that true love can never ever fail 

As a girl, you believe there is only one boy,
that you will know when you found him
and he will be for keeps. 

 As for me, 
I want to believe that there is something different,
by something I mean someone, 
that maybe, maybe ...I am meant for that too 
I need to believe
I am not very good at it.


Hot mess

Im in a mood and trust me, its a fun one.
Dont ever, ever doubt me
so thrilled its Friday...

My girl crush has yet to fade 


just another thursday

{most images via instagram}

Just another Thursday... 
which means we take walks, play dress up and eat ice cream. 
Here is a melody to make your day as simple and wonderful as mine.
You're welcome


We've moved

Amidst the chaos of traveling, the workshop and the approaching wedding season, we packed up and moved to the very area I have always wanted to call home. We are almost completely settled beside a few projects and my need to plant as much basil as the yard will allow. Happy to have a charming place to call home. I like it to smell of sugar cookies as much as possible.


sunday swaying

Recently found these guys thanks to joey on our little road trip. 
love love them oh so very much 


Bon Iver bound

Facts are facts:
Boniver put on the best concert I have ever been to. 
It has nothing to do with him being my all time favorite musician...
but it does have everything to do with his talent being indescribable.
Justin is the only artist who can drop a hard eff bomb and make it sounds like angels calling you home.
brilliant, simply brilliant
Hes coming to slc next month, I am going to rewind & repeat.
oh and I have pretty friends huh ;)
part 2 soon to follow


open wounds

I got my baby back a little black, red and blue from her spring break away. 
Apparently, she also needs a little adrenaline in her life and had a date with concrete via a long board.
we have cream on it 24/7 and shes still as beautiful as ever.
in keeping with our title open wounds,
I thought Id expose one of mine...
enjoy a melody that will haunt you in the most beautiful ways.



Zions 2012

Seriously such an amazing weekend...
friends worth keeping
breathtaking views
and memories that are unforgettable.
Literally almost died canyoneering but, we wont go into our stupidity
....but seriously, not kidding.
{quite the story}
I LOVE a good rush and this trip provided just that. 
We climbed to the top of Zions and swam below the surface...
Can't wait for the next one