Shes growing up

 Happy birthday beautiful girl,
I love you so very much and I can not believe what a lovely young lady you are growing into.
Part of me wants to freeze time so you stay just the way you are. 
You have such a kind heart, I admire that in you.
You inspire me and having you made me into the person I am.
You drive me to be better, always.
I wouldn't ever be the same without you. 
You are the best thing I have ever done.
Love mom


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I love how she always takes care of Billy.

Beautiful brooke, as always.

kaysi van dyke fox said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NINE YEAR OLD IN THE WORLD!!! & did i mention the SWEETEST!!! you are one lucky mama. :)

Brooke said...

Thanks guys, shes the best!

rebecca said...

love this post to pieces.

Adri Paige said...

I just listened to this song 5 times in a row. I think the next time we get together you need to help my ipod out. xo