my little english rose

A  tea party birthday date.
Brooklynn is kaitlyns BFF  {yes odd shes old enough for one of those}
They are so fun together and our tea party was no different. We got all dolled up and I picked up cameras for them to play photographer.
For the first time, Kaitlyn was in full control. I wasn't giving her a lesson and I wasn't the subject. She took over and gave direction like a pro. She would go fix the dress or her hair and even show Brooklyn how she wanted her to pose. Kaitlyn would tell her to drop her shoulders, tilt your head a little and ask for full smiles or soft smirks. I was such a proud mama. Again I was beaming the whole time and would have given anything to have it filmed. We snapped pictures while walking over to one of my favorite spots in the city. Simply stepping into The Rose cafe makes me happy. {you can find me hiding there}
After our very fancy tea party, we finished it off with a little shopping. 
Days like this remind me why I love having a little girl so much. 
As for their final product, here are a few that made me smile


Shonnie said...

I think we should plan an adult tea party :) how fun!

Tavis Johnson said...

love your little mans suspenders and the details are fantastic!!!

evelyn eslava photography said...

how cute!!! this reminds me of when i was also 9 and i got my first camera a barbie one and i would go take pictures everywhere and pose people too haha only thing my mom wasn't a photographer ;) loving the pictures!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I cannot get over how big she is. I guess i've known you a while now.. it's only a given that your babies will grow.

beautiful photos, as always B.