I can be your china doll

  While driving home from speaking at a smug mug meeting last week, my face was glued to the window.
 I had never seen the stars shine so bright.
 I wanted to get out, lay on the ground and marvel at the sky.
 Its amazing, no?


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I want a poster sized copy.

Lauren Ricci said...

Since music is your passion like mine and I tend to steal the music you post, I thought I would share two artists you might like. Emily Greene searching for the words and Lana del Rey videogames and actually most of her stuff. Just thought I would share. Would you mind emailing me where you find your music (pandora station, etc.). I am always looking for haunting music. :) email Thanks!

Lauren Ricci said...

Omg, didn't even notice you had her linked to this post. Glad you already found her. She actually looks a lot like you. Lucky woman she is :)