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I had a very very busy weekend that started on Thursday and is just barely ending. 
I am out of wedding season shape and need to get my endurance back up. Physically and emotionally. How am I gonna do this???
For starters Im debating hiring a bag carrier. Its not that I am a diva, seriously I'm not. I tend to do things the hard way and do everything on my own but, since Im playing around with different cameras, the bags are getting heavier and heavier. In return, my backs getting weaker and weaker. Anyone that knows me well, knows I get claustrophobic easily. Everything from the bed sheets to having tight layers on top of each other. Why do you think I love dresses so much, its not just the charm of being a lady.... its movement. So the back pack, shoulder bag, camera on rapid strap and the one in my hands makes me extremely claustrophobic. I love shooting, I love being busy and I love weddings. Emotionally its draining to be continually at such a emotionally driven event. Not in a negative way but, when you find yourself tearing up while driving in the mountains towards a wedding and listening to bon ivers perth.... its silly. Although I cry at or after 60% of weddings 
 Im chalking those moments up to being a girl. You can laugh at me its okay... 
I cant wait till I see this brilliant human live in Vegas next month!!!!
With that said, take me away somewhere magical.
 Just push play and sway
Holocene is still my favorite on the new album. 
Every single note

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Ty Bebe said...

I will be your bag carrier:) Seriously, I will:)