Help Josh

Imagine being in a car accident that left your body in a state of trauma. You adapt to the pain, feelings of nausea, night sweats and all the aches become your norm. Then imagine years after the accident the symptoms you grew accustom too progress. You walk into the doctors office hesitantly, knowing you don't have insurance but, the pains becoming unbearable. They run their test, poke at you and then sit you down. You have cancer, but not any kind of cancer, terminal cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to be exact. All you have is a few months, two maybe three months to raise just enough money and start treatment.
When my good friend Sheryll called me and told me Josh's story it broke my heart.  I cant imagine laying in bed and thinking, 3 months.... if I am lucky, just 3 months. She asked if I would be willing to help out and raise some money for Josh to have a shot at getting treatment in time. I feel honored to help in any way I can so, if you or anyone you know wants to donate I am offering head shots April 4th. All the info is below. Do a good deed,  have a extra skip in your step and a pretty new profile picture.


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Is there just a fund somewhere I can donate to?

*i kinda live forever away.

Brooke said...

IM sure there is, just contact sheryll at the email listed. THANKS SHAY

Miss Morgan said...

I love that you are doing this and would love to support the cause BUT I teach Wednesday nights. So if you end up adding more days let me know. Would love to have a Blush picture!

Ty Bebe said...

I wish I had seen this sooner:(