A birthday system

photo from jan 2010

My sister and I have a system, a birthday notification system. 
With my family being spread out around the US its fairly easy to forget birthdays. Pair that with a little genetic absentmindedness and you are lucky if you remember 2 out of the 8 birthdays. To most of you this sounds absolutely awful. What kind of daughter/sibling forgets birthdays like that. Well, Kristy and I do, so we created this ingenious system. We like to make phone calls to each other a few days prior and on the day of. We figure one of us has a 40% chance of remembering.  It failed for our sister Charies birthday in February but not this time. Today I got two phone calls from Kristy and when I finally was able to pick up she said "Id like to remind you that today is my birthday, so be sure to wish me happy birthday." I was delighted to oblige and she was so thrilled I remembered her 31st birthday.
With that said, I high recommend you team up and start a birthday system of your own. 

Happy birthday Seester. You can always make me laugh and Im grateful we share DNA. 
I wish I was watching anne of green gables with you now and eating one of your 3 yummy cakes.
Love Bugs

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