I can be your china doll

  While driving home from speaking at a smug mug meeting last week, my face was glued to the window.
 I had never seen the stars shine so bright.
 I wanted to get out, lay on the ground and marvel at the sky.
 Its amazing, no?


Help Josh

Imagine being in a car accident that left your body in a state of trauma. You adapt to the pain, feelings of nausea, night sweats and all the aches become your norm. Then imagine years after the accident the symptoms you grew accustom too progress. You walk into the doctors office hesitantly, knowing you don't have insurance but, the pains becoming unbearable. They run their test, poke at you and then sit you down. You have cancer, but not any kind of cancer, terminal cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to be exact. All you have is a few months, two maybe three months to raise just enough money and start treatment.
When my good friend Sheryll called me and told me Josh's story it broke my heart.  I cant imagine laying in bed and thinking, 3 months.... if I am lucky, just 3 months. She asked if I would be willing to help out and raise some money for Josh to have a shot at getting treatment in time. I feel honored to help in any way I can so, if you or anyone you know wants to donate I am offering head shots April 4th. All the info is below. Do a good deed,  have a extra skip in your step and a pretty new profile picture.


Photographs + melodies to match

Shimmy over to Blush to see a beautiful styled dream....

Weeks wrap up via instagram

Four lovely shoots/one wedding
a few blog post
arts night for the kids
and several nights without sleep later...
I can kick my feet up and welcome my weekend.
I have so many things racing in my mind.
Plans, goals, travels, and daydreams.

"This young hearts confuses my mind.
These things cant be reversed,
learn from the ones we fear the worst.
Be both know Ill never be ...I only bring the heat."


say something perfect

"something I can steal....

Baby we'll be fine... all we have to do is be brave and be kind." 

I feel that way sometimes, 
like I am graveling for some kind of inspiration. 

I deserve that if nothing else...


hello spring

I know I am getting ahead of myself with the "hello spring" but, either way I am soaking up our warm breeze and sunshine. I love being able to walk my littles to school and even venture off barefoot. The only thing I need to complete this delightful weather is a snowcone....

as for a happy melody.....

hi there

I had a very very busy weekend that started on Thursday and is just barely ending. 
I am out of wedding season shape and need to get my endurance back up. Physically and emotionally. How am I gonna do this???
For starters Im debating hiring a bag carrier. Its not that I am a diva, seriously I'm not. I tend to do things the hard way and do everything on my own but, since Im playing around with different cameras, the bags are getting heavier and heavier. In return, my backs getting weaker and weaker. Anyone that knows me well, knows I get claustrophobic easily. Everything from the bed sheets to having tight layers on top of each other. Why do you think I love dresses so much, its not just the charm of being a lady.... its movement. So the back pack, shoulder bag, camera on rapid strap and the one in my hands makes me extremely claustrophobic. I love shooting, I love being busy and I love weddings. Emotionally its draining to be continually at such a emotionally driven event. Not in a negative way but, when you find yourself tearing up while driving in the mountains towards a wedding and listening to bon ivers perth.... its silly. Although I cry at or after 60% of weddings 
 Im chalking those moments up to being a girl. You can laugh at me its okay... 
I cant wait till I see this brilliant human live in Vegas next month!!!!
With that said, take me away somewhere magical.
 Just push play and sway
Holocene is still my favorite on the new album. 
Every single note

{image via pinterest}



a unexpected flicker then ignites 
I search for water, anything to put out the flame. 
Its familiar, far too warm and I still sit too close. 
I look around and see nothing but stars.
Maybe that's what keeps me here, burning my finger tips.
 Its something you learn as a child.
If its hot, you do not touch it.  
Its beautifully memorizing but, quickly becomes unbearable
Maybe instead of water, I need to search for dust, even the ash will do 
but that means I have to wait for this flame to burn out. 
Its disheartening at times to realize either way you lose. 
Just letting time do what it does best,
its the same thing as suffocating the flame


my little english rose

A  tea party birthday date.
Brooklynn is kaitlyns BFF  {yes odd shes old enough for one of those}
They are so fun together and our tea party was no different. We got all dolled up and I picked up cameras for them to play photographer.
For the first time, Kaitlyn was in full control. I wasn't giving her a lesson and I wasn't the subject. She took over and gave direction like a pro. She would go fix the dress or her hair and even show Brooklyn how she wanted her to pose. Kaitlyn would tell her to drop her shoulders, tilt your head a little and ask for full smiles or soft smirks. I was such a proud mama. Again I was beaming the whole time and would have given anything to have it filmed. We snapped pictures while walking over to one of my favorite spots in the city. Simply stepping into The Rose cafe makes me happy. {you can find me hiding there}
After our very fancy tea party, we finished it off with a little shopping. 
Days like this remind me why I love having a little girl so much. 
As for their final product, here are a few that made me smile

time wasted

Sometimes saying nothing means everything
enough isn't ever truly enough
and white is the only color 

Sometimes I pretend,
Standing still is the same thing as dancing 
and that giving up controls okay

Can I ask you...
 is that okay?
Ill ask
Just not today


Shes growing up

 Happy birthday beautiful girl,
I love you so very much and I can not believe what a lovely young lady you are growing into.
Part of me wants to freeze time so you stay just the way you are. 
You have such a kind heart, I admire that in you.
You inspire me and having you made me into the person I am.
You drive me to be better, always.
I wouldn't ever be the same without you. 
You are the best thing I have ever done.
Love mom