A walk in the park WPPI 2012

"Amanda Daniels is a modern rich socialite who always gets what she wants. She decides to take a break from her hectic life and have lunch in central park with her young daughter Melanie. She drives about an hour away from her home to the city.  Soon after her arrival, the birds and animals start to act strangely. Strange but beautiful things start to occur. There is no explanation as to why this might be happening. Something unusual, something unexpected, something extraordinary."
Two of my dear friends are hosting a shoot out at wppi this year, I can promise you a few things. 
One it will be brilliantly styled, I say this because they have the one of a kind sugar and fluff handing the styling.
Two, its the only shoot out worth doing at wppi this year
Three, all the fun cool people are going to be there and there is a after party.
I have never been a fan of styled shoots, mainly cause I hate when you are getting the same shot as 20 other photographers. That along with the fact most lack emotion and character. This shoot will not be like THOSE shoots. The pictures you get are up to you but, you will have everything laid out for you to create something truly epic. 
Id give my left foot (or maybe my right since its currently broken) to have a event planner like sugar and fluff in Utah.
SO DONT MISS OUT on this experience.

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