Packing chaos

I am guilty of the last minute packing which means a few things.
one your room will be torn apart like mine is currently
two you will be slightly frazzled ....apparently with your hand on your head alot  ;)
and three you will forget something of necessity, for instance a toothbrush, undies or a bra even.
Yes, this has happened and I tend to make stops at target once I reach my final destinations to pick up forgotten items. I do not put off packing for fun, I do it because I never know what to want to pack in the first place. All my friend have been texting me all week about what they are packing, sending me pictures of the outfits they have planed to bring, asking my opinions.. ect. Little do they know, I end up just throwing stuff in my suit case and saying, welp lets hope there is a outfit or two in there.
I need to take a lesson or two from my well planned friends.
What I will be listening to the whole way down.

Tell me I'm your national anthem 
Vegas bound...

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