ankle trama

You forget how nice it is to walk until you jack up your ankle. 
Little things like...  I want a snack or oh, I'm thirsty, I should get a drink ...
then I think, drinking would lead to me needing the ladies room, which is not worth the pain of getting up.
See what I did there? Its a little thing called foresight. Just wish I had more of it yesterday.
To those of you who have yet to sprain a ankle, you cant judge me cause it hurts like hell. Maybe I am being a baby, I don't know... I have never broke or sprained a bone in my body until yesterday. You would think I would do it snowboarding, running at night or even climbing but no, no I simply do it while shooting at the temple. About 20 minutes into my shoot I hop up on a ledge for a few shots and hop back down, only to land funny in the one spot that a piece of stone is missing. Thankfully I managed to keep my camera high to avoid any damage. I am also thankful no one heard me swear on temple grounds. Not proud of that folks but, I am just being honest. Instantly I wanted to cry, a few tears came but I thought to myself, there is no way you can be hurt. You have to finish this and look at it later. David perry  and his assistant were so sweet, they carried my bags for me the rest of the session. Naturally I just hopped around while repeating that I was totally fine, just a pop, no big deal. I am really awful about asking for help, call it pride or strong willed to a fault. I dunno but, I have a habit it acting tough sometimes. When the shoot ended I got in my car and started to cry. Yep, I know, I am a baby. Ive been nursing my wound since.... I don't think its broken but lets just say my friend gasped when she saw it and then later saw the bruising. Dark blues a great color, just not on your foot....Over all, the big question is, how did the photos turn out??? Well I'm happy to say they turned out gorgeous.
Thats all for my little dramatic pity fest. In other news did you hear about Seal and Heidi breaking up ;)
Happy Tuesday everyone.


the militonis said...

i have rolled my ankle multiple times and thought it was broken every time, my physcician said that sometimes they hurt worse than a break, so no your not being a baby, and think about getting crutches they really help : )

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

What the hell Btog. Be careful. And I hope your foot hasn't fallen off.