yet another birthday post

My dear friend Ciara and I bring out a funny side of each other. Geeky one might say...
Anywho, I always try to take my friends out for bday dinner and we finally found a night free from our kiddos.
Shes got such a dry sense of humor and can deliver a punch line like no other. 
 One main reason why shes a keeper, we tend to play jokes on strangers. 
For example, we will walk around holding hands and ramble things like,
"come with mommies billy" 
What can I say, the facial expressions are priceless.
We are nerds and I swear very mature.
Like below, basking in the moon light ;)

(Her birthday post in LA trumps mine, but I am blaming the lighting. wink )

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Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

I feel really good about calling you guys total nerds.

Happy Birthday to your bff.