a walk in the city

While in San Fransisco, my friend abi to took a few pictures of my kids and I in the city.
I just wanted candid, simple shots of us walking calmly through the christmas chaos.
Not the "look at the camera" or "hey smile" kinda shots. Just a stroll through San Fran.
I love my kids so so very much. Its crazy how two little souls can define your life.
I love the fact my little man still loves to hold his mothers hand...
and my kitkat..shes so much like me it scares me.
Being a single mom isnt always easy.
It scary and hard and a big task BUT,
it defines me. Its what I am...
I am grateful for it. 


Crystal said...

Beautiful pics Brooke!

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

those are insane! i love them!

Maggy R. said...

AMAZING REALLY!!!! SO TALENTED! IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A STROLL IN THE CITY, like if we were behind u guys and walking around ... I can feel the energy of the city! wow

I envy that talent!!! must be lot of work to get there!!

the 3 of u look so natural! cuuute <3

Shaylynn;) said...

Don't be scared that she is like you, you're wonderful.


Shaylynn;) said...

& Abi did a beautiful job.