My birthday boy

My boy turned 6 this week...
Birthday breakfast is a big deal in our little family and he chose Ruths diner just up the canyon.
I love our little one on one moments. The things he says always crack me up.
This year, he wanted Christmas cupcakes, hes got this weird thing for Christmas colors.
I kinda love it about him, so I always try to play into it.
When I took cupcakes into his class, his teachers aid pulled me aside and said...
"I try to not pick favorites but his voice melts my heart. I adore him"
She is right, and when that voice changes I may cry.
He is the most lovable little boy I know.
I am so grateful to call him mine.  



Ciara said...

he truly is a keeper. that second to last photo... he looks so old! his smile is so presh.

Music Mama said...

What a doll! I love Ruth's Diner. A happy little breakfast place that reminds me of skipping college courses ;) Happy Birthday to our favorite little guy with the precious voice and face!! xoxo

Crystal said...

he does have the sweetest little voice. that i can agree with you on!

carl and em said...

he is SO darling!!

Natasha said...

Haapy Birthday to your little man!!!!!!!!