Hello 2012

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Its the first day of a new year. Amazing how time flies faster and faster the older I get. With each passing season, I think about how much more I could have done. What I could have done better or who I could have loved more. Life is short, that's why our goals and work ethic is so important. All I want, is at the end of my life to be able to say, I did enough and I did it well. There is no grass is greener, we need to stop thinking how others can benefit us and more so, how we can benefit others. The moment I think I have reach my peak, is the moment my life becomes mundane. I don't believe you can ever be happy by taking the easy route. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, you didn't do the work to experience pride in yourself. I am not the girl in need of a yellow brick road. I don't want one, in fact I am thankful mine has been anything but golden the last year. Only because, even though 2011 was possibly one of the hardest years for me personally... I can say, I have grown. My life isn't mundane, I have amazing things ahead and so much to experience. Some goals are personal, others are the expected but, all can be done. Just remember, no one ever has it figure out. We are all stumbling along, its just what you do with yourself when you fall. My little ones and my creative process consume my new years resolutions. Among all my goals I have made for this year, being the best me in that minute, day or month is all I need to focus on. I dont expect perfection...just that I try.
Simply being honest with yourself is enough


Jane said...

Well said Brooke! Question.. Where is the blouse that you are wearing on the header from? The brown silk with (dogs?) it's so cute!

kristy said...

I love put a bird on it soo funny. Have you seen the restaurant organic chicken one. Hillarious!


Brooke said...

Thanks jane its from koodeeker
its little a pony, not a pup. :)