dreams of sorts

shot by ciara while in LA
The last few weeks my dreams are more real than I would like them to be.
Some are random, others are of memories, but then a few have been outright nightmares.
It takes me a solid ten minutes of being awake to convince myself it wasn't real. None of it was real.
Its strange when pieces of your current life mix with something surreal.
Some of the highlights, my family was stalked by some creepo and I had to call the cops while he broke into my house.
ummm yea, my heart was racing when I woke up. In another one I got married, freaked out and divorced the guy the next day.
My family and friends were all mad at me, it was nuts. I woke up feeling this heavy guilt cause I didnt love him.
Lastly, one was just a normal day, I ran my kids around, made dinner, did wedding edits and my web designer called
to said the images I sent were awful choices and I needed to send a new batch.
While chating with my web designer today I had to ask, um am I crazy, did you message me saying you needed new pictures or was that in my dream.
I dunno if my bedtime routine needs to change but, Im getting sick of these heavy hearted starts to my day.
Im not the kinda girl who reads into things, I dont believe in all that junk but, some of these have got me tripped out. 
Maybe Ill try sleeping with the light on tonight.


curtis+ash said...

SO PRETTY. And I hate those dreams. The ones that feel the most real are the most terrifying.

Shaylynn;) said...

hahahaha, I take full credit for this post. jk.

whenever there is something off in my life, a balance left reeling.. I dream about it, I resolve it, and I wake up all pissed.

Dreams should be a place of rest, right? Eat an animal cookie before you go to bed, see what happens.

Trust me.?