Cookie pouch and crumbles

The holidays were unkind to my cookie pouch, ya know... the place where you keep all your extra cookies. Sitting with friends eating all the sweets and cheese plates is never ideal. Abi and I have a little competition on who can drop the most holiday weight by WPPI. Its only a few months away so I am adding boot camp classes to my running regime. I love these classes because its way more fun to work out with friends. Ill be sure to keep you posted on who wins. Another random tid bit... as most of you know, I have a sleeping disorder. Self diagnosed but, a disorder none the less. I love the movies and have never been a big tv girl. If I did watch tv its either food network, modern family or new girl. Lately I have been dosing to sleep with portlandia on. Its such a funny show.
I know most of you have seen this but it still makes me laugh every time.
Happy monday


Shaylynn;) said...

Watch Once Upon A Time, I'm quite confident you will like it.

You have ZERO weight to lose. Gees.

And yes, you do have sleeping disorder, sometimes doctors aren't necessary.

Leann Allred said...

the funny thing is, i live in portland, and all the episodes of Portlandia are 100% accurate. so much weirdness in one city haha

Abi Q said...