Ooo Halloween


Who else is counting down the days till our favorite vampire and wolf are on the big screen again?



Beauty Babble

Here is a example of old pieces being reinvented. The urban outfitters plaid button up is over three years old and the Jcrew cardigan is over two. Both of these pieces I wear ALL the time.  Then I just threw on a simple stripe tee I picked up this year and ta da a whole new look. 

The tee is a V neck from urban and they were 2 for 20$
Socks American apparel
Boots Nordstom

As for recent additions to my ipod
The kooks new album makes me happy


Something spooky

I Love playing up the holidays, its so fun to see the kids get so excited about the simplest of things. Two weeks ago I bought a Halloween candy jar and have been changing out the candy every few days, they thought this was the greatest thing ever! Since its not my year to take the kidlets trick or treating, I want to fit in as much Halloween as I could. This little dinner, paired with a scooby doo movie was a hit. All the recipes can be found here. Its insanely easy and took me no more than 30 mins.
I can promise your little people will love it. 
Mummy hot dogs
Vampire apples
Olive eyes
and goblin feet 
We made hot coco to finish it off


Ripple effect

We all have a ripple effect on the people in our life
The impact you have will always linger and can change everything
So remember who and what you truly love at the wake

I never print any of my own work.
Mainly because I always think, oh you will get a better shot next time or you REALLY LOVE IT?
I bought some big big frames and I am puting these images side by side above my bed.
I know you are looking at it saying ...really? well I promise it will look awesome up.
I just wanted to finally put SOMETHING, anything in the frames.
One of my favorite lines is printed on the corner
"Long roads never cast the long burning embers of your heart" - great northern 


Toothless grin

Another one of the little milestones moms take note of but,  no one else cares to hear about... the tooth fairy came this week.
With every tooth she loses, I keep waiting for her to hit the awkward stage, and yet... I think she is just a beautiful as ever. I had one heck of a awkward stage, I had awful allergies when we lived in North Carolina. So picture me scraggly, toothless, then add in a BRIGHT red nose and a constant sniffle. I had my own tissue boxes in my class because I used so many. I slept sitting up right, with four pillows under me so I would not die from lack of air. It was rough and I still cringe when I think about it.  On a side note, I picked up some little boots at Ross this week and she LOVES them because they have a heel. It was sweet to watch her prance around in them feeling so grown up. Plus they were only 15 bucks, cant beat that! Here's a few pics of us on another one of our walks, I never tire of them
xoxo B


Happy weekend

Out takes from the camera phone & a melody for you
Happy weekend


Happy Thursday

I am in a daydreaming kinda mood...
I'm not sure what it is about this song that has me so smitten.
Maybe is the line "Fall swoon, left me drunk in a field. Dandelion wine for a year "

There is a beautiful photo shoot to go with this song, I just haven't shot it yet
Enjoy and happy Thursday

If that song wasnt your cup of tea, maybe this one is ...


Lunch dates

 Atleast once a week Kim and I have a lunch date. I was craving the chow truck on Monday but sadly it wasn't in service that day, so I was thrilled to get a text from Kim saying it was near by and we had ourselves a date. I look rather homeless ... I may or may not have brushed my hair, BUT I did manage to get out of my pjs I have been rocking while I edit! I am sad about the weather changing, lunch and the park is kinda our thing with the kiddos... I guess we will have to find a few cozy cafes.
Apparently all we ever do is eat... 


"And my memory, it works in spite
It's been remembering more wrong than right"

sometimes a song is too sweet not to share....