I remember

Once in a blue moon, while covering a wedding reception, there is a playlist that stands out. Here is a favorite from tonights wedding. They had everything from bon ivers new album, yeasayer and city and colour. It was delicious...
enjoy, Love B


Happy 24th ...wait 25th ...

 We went with friends to see the fireworks in cottonwood for the 24/25th of july. 
Mother nature decided to pour on us but we just danced in the summer rain


Its late, I cant sleep... forgive the weight.

I stare into naked light
somewhere my heart can not coexist
I want to be free from his part of me
the part where you and I used to be
forgive me my love
for you stole a piece of my being
the part that loved
the open bright eyed girl
the one that believed
I tried to drowned you away
cold unbearable nights I lay and cry
and still you let my innocence die...
circumstantial love is all you've become

Pieces of the puzzle, for what braille will become



music monday

Happy music monday/ pioneer day
Me and the kidlets are going to fireworks tonight :)

Remember that lovely post below about whit?
Well I WASNT supposed to be infront of the camera at all that night, (it was a long work day)
But she baited me into posing for a few.
Im going to be practicing with my new camera on her soon. stay tuned!
Side note: Apparently a white V neck t shirt is my new staple.


"There is a violence in love
Somethings I'll never understand
So where the bullets missed you out
They hit me I'm falling down again"


The last unicorn

      How can I say, I know there is something different, when I have only had one kind of experience. How can I expect a different outcome? Where do I draw the line between the dreamer in me and the logical side. Some people set false time lines for themselves. Once they get to "this" point they will be happy, once they have "this" situation will be better. I am not one of those people, its a rookie mistake. You will let your entire life pass by you before you realize, you could have found happiness within the phases. Foresight is a funny thing and its not always what it seems. I don't live my life creating and/or searching for those neon exit signs. If its not somewhere I wanted to be, I would have never stepped in the door to begin with. Is it okay to say, I don't believe in unicorns anymore?

Saturday nights ....

I shoot a lot of weddings, I love brides, the romance and the importance of the wedding day. 
But its refreshing to shoot outside wedding world. No pressure, just enjoying the walk around the city with my camera. Thats why I started Braille & Gold. Its mine, just mine. 
I had a beautiful bridal session last night and afterwards I had Whit model for me... she's rad

Of course I have a song for you. L.O.V.E

"Show me love
Who's got your hand on the button of"




Mid day ramblings

 Summers always a little chaotic and I'm grateful to be busy. I have such a fun group of girlfriends who keep me laughing! If its not a girls night we are at the pool or the park with our kids, no exceptions. Kindergarten sign ups are soon and I'm sad my baby is no longer my baby. Its going to be strange to have BOTH Kitkat and B man in school full time. What will I do with the freedom?

Blush is growing and I am really proud of it. I got myself a snazzy medium format camera for Braille & Gold and managed to break it within the first 30 mins of the fed ex guy dropping it off. THANKFULLY, I have friends who are handy in this department. (see below). I have three California trips coming up that I'm really excited about.  Ill be headed to San Fransisco and Mendocino next month, L.A on my birthday for the Jesh workshop and Santa Monica in October...

As for some random mid day thoughts-

I am currently sipping on a warm flat diet coke. Its gross and yet, I keep going back for more

I am a little fearful for my trip next month, really excited but I wonder if I literally left my heart in San Fransisco.

B man has become very snugly and I am soaking up every minute I can.

Despite lathering on 70 SPF I'm still getting more color than Id like.

I don't envy relationships but, I do envy their little babies.

Id sell my soul for a charming little house and a back deck with bubble lights strung

I love the area I live in, the ward, the walks and the access for work.

"yea I'm sure I am tangled up on things you said out loud to me"

I miss watching food network everyday and trying new dishes.  I just need a real kitchen

and lets be honest, I am going to get my butt kicked on my half marathon.

Happy weekend


This post is as random as the mobile photos below

Todays melody

 I LOVE getting melodies in my inbox!

Great lyrics


"Swallow him whole like a pill that makes you choke and stills your soul.
Is he still coming around like an injured bird needing a nest?
A place to rest his head in a song you'll regret.
Still you take him "


childhood lessons

I made this for my children's room today.

I want them to learn...

I want them to know they are loved...

and I myself find comfort in the symbolism of children's books.

There are more childhood lessons to come



Rebound theory

The rebound theory
Everyone has a different view
Some say to hurry and get it out of the way, its inevitable
The sooner the better because then you can move on to something real.
My girl friends say there isn't a need for a rebound, you only need time to pass.
My guy friends tell me to get out there and break some hearts, string them along.
Isnt it funny to see how different men and women think.
I have mixed views on this touchy little topic, I think Ill just do my own thing.
  Either way I am honest and right now....
 I HONESTLY adore this song.
its tender!

Happy sunday

copyright blush photography

The weekend

Five hours later they were finally done. 
Hope you had as lovely a weekend as we did.