Valentines is hands down my favorite holiday. Why Valentines above all the others you might ask ....

There is no other day you are guaranteed flowers and a sweet note.
Breakfast in bed (I made the breakfast for my 3 valentines)
Hopefully a playlist to set the mood 
and some focused time with the one you love. 
In my case it means a whole evening I wont be competing with ESPN ;)

Love is one of those things you have to remember to show. It sounds bad when you say it that way but its true. Its impossible to be perfect in showing gratitude for your other half and how much they do for you. Thats why valentines is perfect, its a day to reflect and go out of your way to say...I love you. 

So baby, its simple really ...
You make my world go round
I am beyond thankful for everything you do 
and I will love you always
Love B

Here is a melody to you from me

Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day 


self portrait time

sometimes at work this happens
dont judge me 

On my break I rapid fire shoot some RANDOM faces
 ... there were more, all of which are far too ugly to post
happy weekend


He makes me smile

Hey babe. ..I miss you
 Im at the bottom of the hill, come see me....
 Oh and bring a gas tank. - Steven

When he got in the car with me I had this song playing...He told me nice choice in music
I thought I was rather funny

He knows me well enough to know I always play a song with intent
This is the third time, so I dont want to hear any poor steven comments :)
Im wondering if public humiliation will make him learn a lesson 


Sweet slumber

I have yet to dedicate a blog post to my HGTV and Food network obsession but let me just say .... I am obsessive.
I do not have a bedroom, well I have a room ...just a empty room. Some time this year I want to put it together but Im not sure how yet. Why....because what I really want is exposed brick on the wall behind my bed, but thats not going to happen.
mmmm I love brick

  I have to chose what look I want to commit too. I am a girl who gets bored easy and I know in a year I will want to start all over again. I cant explain my style... I like a contemporary and cozy cottage. I want fresh, original and charming. I am looking for pieces that can transform. I love loft spaces, the texture and character... 

I think this molding would be fun and if things do change, I haven't committed to a whole bed frame...
I wouldn't do the shabby chic look but you get the idea.

My next thought was a fabric head board, I have seen do it your self directions online and its looks like I could pull it off. I think a fun pattern would be awesome but then .... Do I want my room fun and colorful, or do I want to calm with clean lines. 
Do you see my dilemma?

Some of you might be thinking...
What does your husband want?? It is "our" room right ...
 Well I can tell you all he cares about is its cheap and not too girlie.
I think he would have a man cave if I let him.
Heres to dreaming of my beautiful bedroom.


Think spring

It is February
It is freezing
It is far from spring time
But I am daydreaming of playing at the park and NOT getting hailed on
  I am hoping if I think spring ....maybe it will come a little sooner...



He is growing up ...

My little guy turned 5 last week and I cant believe it. He is such a joy in our home and I am so thankful he is mine. Billy is small... like 2 percentile small, but I feel a growth spurt coming on. Steven started measuring him on a door frame in our basement and billy loves to see the changes. He ran upstairs screaming " Mom I growed, I growed" and when Steven came up I asked how much, surprised that a month could make such a difference. He smirked and said "1/8 of a inch ... maybe."

He's a funny boy and likes random things. For example he will watch food network like other kids watch cartoons and gets really excited about dinner time.  Two nights ago I made a new dish and Kaitlyn and Billy came to the table with completely different attitudes. Kaitlyn raised her eye brow and said "what is this?" I could feel her doubting the meal before she even tried it. But Billy came up excited and said " Is it off of food network? "That day I learn if I ever need him to try something new I just need to say its off of food network or its paula deans favorite. Although he has the most expressive eyes, he is not a fan of taking pictures and if I do get one it will most likely be a funny face. My boy uses his head to catch his falls instead of his hand... which drives me nuts cause he always has a bonk of some sort and doesnt know when he got it. He loves his puppy, his sister and all the girls at his preschool adore him. He is a ladies man in the making.
But back to his birthday, I was awful and forgot to bring my camera but we had pork tacos and did mini golf with family at the birthday boys request.

Happy Birthday B man. I love you so so very much