a little spice

I get bored with my hair, but I refuse to cut or do any drastic changes. I havent done a thing to my hair since the wedding... so a color was in dire need.
 My hair is like my security blanket, if it's done I don't have to put make up on to feel ready for the day.  Most girls are afraid of red... personally I am afraid of blonde. 
Maybe one of these days I will get gutsy and lighten things up...but for now I am inching towards a fiery red like this.
 I dunno if I could pull it off but might be fun to try
what do you think???

Its been awhile since a shared a melody .... 
enjoy my latest addiction

xoxo B


Hey 2011

(For miss anonymous the bedding is anthro)

Plans, goals and To do list for 2011

Its that time of year again, time to make a list of goals. I find myself writing a To Do list almost daily and lately I am proud to say I have been getting a lot of them checked off before bed time. Due to my recent success I am feeling rather ambitious....

For example I have always claimed to despise laundry. I blogged about it on a regular basis and I had accepted the fact it wouldn't change. I even warned Steven on several occasions that its a major downfall of mine. I dunno what happened, I suddenly find myself anxious if there is a more than a loads worth in the laundry room. The kicker is .... I even get everything folded and put away. To some of you this seems trivial BUT its a HUGE deal... ask my sisters. Obviously my goal is for this to continue

Another change is television. I always liked being one of those people who could say, " I don't watch tv "
I know it sounds silly but I felt like if I couldn't even get my work and chores done before bed, why would I sit on my butt for hours wasting more time. But now I find myself addicted to HGTV and Food network. But that's a blog post to come. Anyways the point is since I suddenly get my to do list done I am making a goal to watch more Food network and HGTV. Which leads into my next goal..

Cooking, I LOVE IT. I am not claiming to be a brilliant chef but I really enjoy making new dishes. I think the whole family would be happy if that continued. But my goal is to perfect a dish instead of doing it once or twice and moving on to something new. I get A.D.D with recipes.

 Next, take more pictures. It sounds absurd for a photographer to make a goal to take more pictures, but I need to capture more of my family memories and not everyone else's. I don't always feel like pulling the camera out if I just had a busy week of shooting.

Other tid bits:

Read more

Spend more time with the kidlets

play dates

eat less-workout more

revamp the blush logo and branding this year

be better with my phone, family and friends might kill me soon cause I don't keep it by me

Tell those around me how thankful I am for them more often

and the list goes on. 

Here's to 2011, I think it will be a beautiful year


Christmas and a new brother (well new to me)

I know I am super behind BUT posting Christmas wasn't high on the to do list since I didn't have the kiddos this year. Plus Stevens brother was getting home from his mission on the 29th, so the Dahle family postponed the Christmas morning production till the 30th. I know you are wondering where all the pictures are but strangely enough I have been on a photo break. I haven't felt like getting the camera out the last few weeks but I do have a few pictures to share.

Meet Marcus
So I have a new brother ...well new to me. It was so weird that I hadn't met my husbands best friend. I heard story after story and although I knew he existed, he was just photos and a name I heard a lot. I was super nervous to meet him, I wondered if he would like me ... but then I thought oh well his vote doesn't count anymore, I am already "IN" ;)
 So far I think me and Elder Dahle will get along just fine. 
I loved that mom and son ran into each others arms....just like the movies 

While you guys were taking down your trees, we were just getting started. I know the kids got several Christmases this year so instead of lots of little gifts we got a family gift and just a few little things. The kids LOVE the Wii, it also serves as a babysitter for a hour or so
Mimi and poppy got the grand kids a new ride. They were ecstatic and kitkat was literally jumping. Like I said I didn't take very many pictures this Christmas and I had to steal this one from Lindsay's blog :)
Thanks everyone for such a wonderful christmas. Grandma and grandpa davis sent boxes of toys and books that they haven't put down.

xoxo B