Pulling a kristy

I have always been a night owl and lately I have taken it to a whole new level. The late nights are starting to show in my under eye circles and my everyday behavior. In my family, there is a joke and phrase called pulling a Kristy. Its a term of endearment for being a little forgetful. My sisters a riot and has a habit of funny forgetful moments. Well, a week ago I had to call up my sister, whom I love and say.... "I pulled a Kristy." She thoroughly enjoyed this story. Let me preface this by saying, I am a smart girl but, I have been working HARD, really hard these days. The constant shuffle of kids, shooting, re branding and edits are at a whole new demand level. I got it under control despite these little moments. ;) There were a few weeks I did nothing but edit. I have big goals for next year and a little goal to enjoy 6 weeks of simplicity with my kids before 2012 wedding season begins. I wont lie, I have been rather proud of myself. I have been getting better and better at a organized flow that allows me to be mom/friend despite the workload. In this particular instance it had been 72 hours with only a few hours of shut eye between.  I was on one of my everyday trips to the gas station for a Monster rehab. I grab my drink and the kidlets a snack. I browsed for a bit, thinking about what else needed to be done that day. I pick up a couple bags of chex mix and make my way back to the car. I get in, start to open the bags, then I notice the worker walk to the front of my car and wave. I was thinking, wow.. this guys hitting on me and I look like complete crap... hmmm okay. I reluctantly roll down my window and say "hey, can I help you?" He reply's with " ummmm ma'am, you need to pay for those." Yep, I was shoplifting.... I parked, grab the stolen treats along with my wallet. I rush in repeating how silly I feel and that I am SO sorry. He laughed and said "no big deal it happens all the time." I was thinking... yeah, I am sure it does and I bet those people are really trying to steal 10 bucks worth of goods, I am just a multitasking retard. To add to it, there were 4 people in line listening to my list of reasons and babble how dumb I feel, doubting every word I said. I mean who does that, walks in with full intent of paying and just walks out without noticing. Anyways, I leave thinking I can never go to that chevron again out of humiliation and pride.I start to drive, I open up my Monster rehab while getting on the freeway and take a sip... yep the one I spaced taking back in to pay for. Which meant, later that day I had to shamefully walk back into that chevron and admit ... I pulled a Kristy, again
Ive been told Blush should be sponsored by Monster and I completely agree.
Every photo has a little M brought to you by Monster rehab haha


Music Mama said...


Shaylynn;) said...

Oh my hell, classic. I laughed and laughed. Yes, sleep.

I knocked over a Diet Dr. Pepper on the cashier at Chevron last year, and I didn't go back for an entire year out of embarassment.

best blog yet, dude.

Katie said...

HAHAHA that is the greatest thing I have heard in a very long time! :) Thanks for the laugh.

Maggy R. said...

I laughed so hard with ur "pulling a kristy" story LOL
I have done it a looot , not just literally shoplifting ( lets call it what it's called :P) but with other things like's like my mind lives in another planet lol

this happends to people with a lot going on : work+kids+school + the house + everything Ü

great story!!!

Tavis Johnson said...

i thought the last photo was a reflection of the same monster rehab. upon further investigation i realized that it is indeed a second can.... i think you might have a problem.

tavis johnson