Just another work day

Sheryll and I have been working hard on this little project!
Let me just say, its so nice working indoors during the winter.
Weddings leave me out in the cold and jealous of full time studio photogs this time of year.
I basically drug my bedroom into the studio space. Yes, my room consists of linens, my favorite mirror and candles, Im a simple girl...well in that regard.
You will get to see the results soon!  It was just another workday being goofballs.
We had this song on repeat the whole shoot, mmmmm its simply delish.
Special thanks to Chris and Talia
You guys rock

 I was feeling left out next to my two favorite Asians! (not being offensive promise ;)


Chelsie & Ryan said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Shaylynn;) said...

I want your work day.

The boob shot is hilarious.