It is so true, that our ideals are the things that blind us from our own path. That for whatever reason, we cant see past the images burned into our minds. I find inspiration in so many things, sometimes its hard to see just "one" way of life, one ideal ending or one perfect path. I love change, most people fear it but me, I crave it. I need to to keep my life interesting. Over lunch with a photog friend we talked about the up coming year and my branding, I asked her opinion. Do you think my clients notice that every 6 months I get board of my black&white edit, so I change it. Do they notice the changes in my branding or the fact I switched my approach to documenting families??? Her reply was "You are consistently inconsistent." At first I wasn't sure how to take that. I mean, is it a good thing or a slap in the face? She defended her comment by saying, "The emotion is what makes you, you. The rest doesn't matter. You adapt to the client" I know I can change my logo or my branding and it wont impact my clients because, its about the story, the people and the love. What you see is what you get, sometimes I just throw in a upgrade. Who doesn't like a upgrade? Within photography everyone say PICK a style, a brand and do not venture from it. But I feel, as if I am constantly tweaking or "evolving" if you will. Whats the point of being creative if you cant be .... creative. So, being consistently inconsistent is the best complement a artist can get. While I am brainstorming my new branding I have a million ideas. But I also know in a year it will need a face lift anyways. While working on a inspiration board I thought I would share something pretty with you all.
  No ones life turns out how they thought it would. Thankfully,  we can paint our own ideal.
Choose to be happier...
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