The hunt - part one

We are on a hunt for our Dr. Suess Christmas tree. You know, the skinny, sparse, wonky one nobody wants. I never had a real tree growing up and our new tradition is to have the non traditional Christmas tree. Unfortunately we hit TWO shops and found nothing but perfect, chubby, picturesque trees.  The kids love the idea and we are bound and determined to find it. Tomorrow I am confindent we will find the right little tree for our little home. As for my children not wearing their coats, I was letting them learn the hard way to not argue wearing jackets in December... I think I got my point across. ;) Lesson learned. 
Happy Holidays 


Eliesa said...

We got a little charlie brown tree (as I call them. i love it.)

Also. You photos are GORGEOUS. What kind of filter do you use or do you use actions in photoshop for editing? I'm trying to find some good actions.

- eliesa

Steph Romney said...

I don't know how far you want to travel, but there's a lot by paces dairy ann in bountiful. loads of wonky tress.

Natasha said...

Maaaaan!!!! The trees there are just awesome!!!! Here in Russia they all are as ugly as you're looking for =)))))

{marie} said...

As always your music/video sharing has made my day...nothing better than listening to new artist...THANK YOU!

Catherine said...

You have the most darling kids :) Love the song!!!