This little clip is dead on, hang around a group of girls one/more of these things WILL BE SAID... I laughed so hard as I watched this.
Lets be real, we whine about how little sleep we got or what time we need to be up in the morning.
We joke about twinner outfits, we repeat LISTEN way more than we should and I have said the exact words
"do I look like a doily"
Now if only they made one about men... I bet I could write the script. 
Other Tuesday tid bits and things this girl says...
I am STILL in my work out gear and have no plans to change
Im running on a solid TWO hours of sleep, but laundry is done, dinners made and my sick girls feeling better.
I refused to look at my phone more than twice today, I needed a disconnect from the world.
I am only three...count it THREE sessions away from being completely caught up with edits. That is until I add this months weddings to the mix.
I have been keeping my running goal but I totally biffed it last night on black ice. Its okay to laugh at me, Im sure the passing cars did.
Finding teachers their Christmas gifts is a pain because my kids have A LOT of input. I cant convince Bman that his teacher will not want a paddle ball toy with candy.
Lastly, I am looking forward to a bath and my Tuesday night Tivo. New girl and modern family are my happy places.

Happy Tuesday everyone


Eliesa said...

HAHAHAHA. Thank you thank you for posting this. It brightened my study session and made me laugh out loud in the library. homeboy across from me thinks I'm a littttle loco

Katie said...

So funny and SO TRUE! Hahaa!

kristy said...

ohhhh that is sooo funny. It hurt laughing that hard. They should put a disclaimer on that one. Do not watch if you just had a baby it will hurt your poor recovering body. It's funny and true. Is it just me or would it not be as funny is we made one about men? I think you should try to head that one up Brooke. love kris

Sheila said...

Teacher's gifts are hard. I found a cute necklace and then paired it with these.
My kids loved to make them. Good luck!!

Maggy R. said...

love the video :) the funniest!!! and love being a woman :)