Dr Suess Christmas tree... well almost

Once again, my vision wasnt the easiest to find. I think next year, we will have to go cut down our own tree to get the look we want. I have been spoil and always had a pre lit tree. Who knew getting lights up would be such a pain the butt. Please dont look closely at my string job. The kiddo were thrilled to finally have it up. Kitkat has been using my old D300 and learning to take pictures. We have been working together on it quite a bit. Not bad composition for an 8 year old. Proud mama
Happy Sunday 


Mary + Trey said...

I love your Christmas tree! And your daughter is a natural with the camera

Katie said...

That is such a cute tree! I agree, I think your daughter takes after you in the photography department :) My tree is gappy too, only its fake, hahaa.

Shaylynn;) said...

Love the tree concept, its sweet.

Your babies are growing so fast.

Jane said...

Your fox sweater is so cute! Where is it from?

Brooke said...

Thanks Jane, its from Urban outfitters

Nicole and Tyler said...

Love the in-laws have a tree this year that totally reminded me of your little search.

Maggy R. said...

seriously ur daughter taking that good of pics??? O_o
she does have the best teacher, not fair, really lol.

love the tree , I wish I could have a real one, I so miss the smeel of real christmas tree!!! is this such a thing like a christmas tree smell thingy ( febreze or such???) let me know :)

great deco