The Cinema

I have always been a movie lover. I am super easy date as well, all I need is dinner and movie....
Either I am at the cinema or hiding out in my bed with a couple snacks and i tune downloads.
Since I see a lot of movies but never share the keepers, I thought a blog post was in order.
On my to see list... tinker, sailor, solider, spy, Anonymous and Young adult
Here is a personal review 

I like beautifully filmed movies but Melancholia was to much of a mind trip for me to enjoy. If you set that aside, the acting was amazing and the visual aspect was stunning
For lovers only is a windswept black and white photographers delight. Or maybe its the wanderlust side of me that just drools over the scenes of Europe.
Like crazy was smart and real. I loved it
The future was... different. I was needing something quirky, you will be thinking wtf half the time. Id say skip it.
Our idiot brother kept me laughing, I loved every minute and plus it stars one of my girl crushes Zooey
Last, The Descendants, It was a heavier movie and sometimes was little overboard with the lingo but I thought it was money well spent. 

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Shaylynn;) said...

I am mad at you, you know why.

So sad.

I need to see Like Crazy.