Angry birds DIY

Like everyone else, my kids LOVE angry birds. At the 7 eleven they had angry birds gummy candies. Kitkat and Bman were thrilled and got the idea to play angry birds in real life. So they set up a fort built out of play dough and gathered all the pigs. Every pig you knocked down, you got to eat. Bman was BEAMING and so pleased with his invention.


Lauren said...

I know what my son is getting in his stocking for xmas!! so cute!

adoremephotography said...

Brooke they have an Angry Birds Game in the board game section at Target, Bman would probably love it!!

kOrTnI said...

Sooo cute. I throughly enjoy your blog. Can I ask where you got your cute 1/2 zip up sweater?


Brooke said...

Thanks Kortni, its from Lulu lemon. most comfy stuff ever!