Road trip

You know in the movies, when a car loses control and the slow motion begin, the passengers grab the handles on the door and make eye contact with the car that's about to hit them head on. Well I had one of those moments... Courtney had a class she was taking down in Vegas and we had some friends we could meet up with. I was kid less and shoot less this weekend so, I said I would tag along. She picked me up, we got on I -15 and two minutes into our trip, the car in front of us swerves to avoid a metal ladder that was on the freeway. Courtney tried to do the same and we started to lose control, she was silent but I calmly repeated, you're over correcting, your over correcting... and before we knew it we were doing a 180 into on coming traffic. As we spun around, for the first time in my life, I believed I was about to die. It was the strangest feeling ever, I even said it out loud twice and looked to see what car I would watch slam into us head on. I braced myself for the impact and my heart sunk when I saw a suv and a semi coming at us. We were done, I knew it... thankfully they were able to slam on their brakes and we sat there for a minute before being able to move. When I replay it in my head I still remember that feeling,  wholeheartedly thinking you are about to die is a crazy thing to feel. Oddly enough I was really calm .... too calm. Sounds dramatic, but it was. We got there and back safely with lots of fun in the middle. I love dancing but missed my babies. Happy to be back to the everyday hum drum. I didn't take any of us out and about, who wants to carry a camera in Vegas? So all I got was photos from the car and us looking like bums :)


Jessica and Kenny said...

I'm pretty sure I felt like I was going to die driving with Court a few times when we were in high school :) looks like tons of fun!!

Kyla Stevens said...

OH my goodness Brooke. That is so scary! One time we slid on black ice and off the road, but it was in Idaho and no cars near by, but I had a similar eerily calm feeling. No fear, just calm, calm, calm. It still freaks me out to think about it. I am so glad you and your friend are okay.

Cool song and video!

Maggy R. said...

Thank god nothing happen to you guys !!!pfffffiuuuu
glad u had a great trip in the end.
love the pics <3

Shaylynn;) said...

So glad the three of you are okay.. That is so scary. Gees