Now youre just somebody I used to know

Like most photographers, good old facebook is a daily necessity.
If photoshop is open fb is the window behind it. Since music is one of the biggest parts of my day, friends and I are always sharing new finds.  I opened my inbox and found this amazing song. I love it, everything about it and by the end I had chills. (Thanks for sharing Mr Moss.)  You see it all the time, people needing someone, anyone to fill a certain role. This songs the perfect example of that dynamic. I don't need a false warmth, I don't need the cold company. Take a listen and admit..You LOVED it.  I am off to do a little indoor rock climbing. One of the fun winter workouts Ive been doing.
Ill blog about it soon


Sherry Ward said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song-pwerful lyrics and emotions.

Abi Q said...

Frigging love this.

Breanne Unsicker Evans said...

SHUT UP! what a good song . good find

The Stevens said...

I love this song! kinda a weird video, but I respect it.