Just another saturday

 Today's another ordinary day. Went for a run, made "yokey" eggs for the kiddos, did some laundry and got ready for the movies. We are heading out to see Hugo and I had to note, the sharing of closets has begun. First it was my necklace, which quickly changed to one of my circle scarfs and then she needed some colorful socks. Top it off with her little smirk and its safe to say shes mine.... other than the fact there has been a lot of Rhianna and Katy perry in the car these days. She loves it and its kinda rubbing off. Billy on the other hand, loves Avett brothers and Fun. He is taking a lot of interest in artistic based things. He wants to paint now and asks about my cameras a lot. I am thinking of enrolling him in a art class at the local supply store. Its so fun to see the interests they have and wonder who they will become...I know kitkat and I will be best friends and lil Billy holds my heart. They are the best thing Ive ever done, I dont know how I got so blessed. They are perfect.... and all I need.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

They are such beautiful kids Brooklyn. Seriously I'm amazed at how big they are and the little people they are turning into. Where does the time go?

Shaylynn;) said...


kaysi van dyke fox said...

you have the most perfect children, ive ever seen!

Katie said...