In and Out

I got up at 5 am, packed my camera bag along with a few necessities like gum and chapstick, then off to the airport I went. I was thrilled to get a referral from a bride I shot in Malibu just a few months ago. I love to travel, I love not knowing what in is store once I step off the plane. I love meeting new people and Sion and Kathy were nothing but a delight to spend the day with. They were so sweet and treated me to a couple DELICIOUS meals, one of which David spade was at the next table. I am a nerd and had to take a picture. I resisted the urge to draw little arrows on the photo around where I wrote his name, feel free to make fun of me. Then we wasted a few hours getting to know each other and telling all the stories of boy meets girl. At last, the perfect time of day arrived and we had our shoot. I am thrilled with the outcome and cant wait to share on the Blush blog. It wasn't my typical session, I was in and out in less than 24 hours and really got to tell a different story.
Their wedding is going to be amazing, I cant wait.

Thanks you two.


The lead singer Matt Beringers voice is soo sexy.

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