The contrast of everything in between is filled with shades of gray
Perspective is only one sided.
I hold my breath for the promised.
I wait, I try to focus and then I run.
Creating awkward moments where most would trade places to be.
I run so fast my vision blurs and the air becomes toxic.
Is there something fundamentally wrong with a genuine touch and a soft spoken voice?
I cringe with each delicate graze of my finger tips and the words that fall from their lips.
There is a plague in my mind and a trip in my heartbeat.
I pray this season fails to become what defines me.
Its growing and filled with more pique. 
I close my eyes and implore they see.
I lay out my map of honesty.


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Brett and Ciara said...

i sure do love your riddles. ;) very pretty. and you are a wonderful beauty. oh and i commented booyah!