You can only do your best

Today something just lingered
The kiddos are gone for the night and maybe the house is just too quiet
I couldn't put a finger on what it was... it was just there.
I am someone who will refuse to act sick
and I will smile even when Im on the verge of tears
I did all my go to things to pick up my spirits...
Watch Food network
Search for new music
Take a little drive
Make myself some pumpkin coco...
Light a yummy new candle...
Take a bath.
Nothing worked...But I am doing my best
I guess a little modern family and New girl will have to do

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The Lady Girl said...

Thats how I feel today. Yesterday was a sad no good day. Today I'm not as sad... It lingers like you said. it's kind of a confused and numb feeling. Not sure how to put my finger on it.