what will you be....

Mid October means its time to start following through on Costume plans.
My daughters mind is ever changing, so I have asked several times what does she want to be for Halloween.
Today while driving to a friends for dinner and a play date I asked again. 
"So kitkat, we need to get your costume, what do you want to be this year? "
She replies " oh I KNOW, a dead vampire cheerleader."
"Okay" I nod, "we can do that...."
Then I go to billy who's been very "meh" about his Halloween costume. 
"so Billy, what are YOU gonna be for Halloween?"
He answers very nonchalantly "Naybe (which is what his maybe sounds like) I'll just be me...naybe"
I laughed and asked "are you sure? You are too sweet to be scary"
He puts me in my place by raising his hands near his face and growling, "yes I am very scary, see."
I guess this year I only have one little costume to buy, unless I can change his mind.
As for my costume, I will give you a hint..
its Foxy.

What will YOU be this year?


Steph Romney said...

Too cute! A little tyke named Blythe I used to babysit wanted to just be herself for Halloween, so her mommy made a T-Shirt that said, "Just Blythe" and she knocked on my door, trick or treating as just Blythe.

Laura Burtis said...

HAHAHA! So dang cute! My favorite is the way he says "...naybe..." Absolutely adorable! And I love the dead vampire cheerleader idea! Can't wait to see her costume all put together!
P.s. LOVE your decor!

kristy said...

Naybe you should make a shirt that says I don't need a costume to look cute, it will save you a lot of time and a few $$$. Can't wait to see Kaitlyn's, she's full of good ideas.

P.s. if your costume is foxy are you sure you need a costume? Just sayin!

love kris