Splot pages

What is a splot page you ask?
A splot page is the old school pinterest
Well its something I have made since middle school. Do you remember gel pens? The sparkle ones, neon and ect. I doodled pages of pictures, quotes, ripped out words from magazines and I called it a splot page. I found a lot of time to doodle during my math classes when I was busy NOT focusing on math. I regret my choice now. With that said, I feel like pinterest is my adult splot page. Now I can say, "hey do you remember when we use to make splot pages of all those ads and saying we loved? How times have changed, what will those kids be up too next. "
I am not a hard core pinner like a lot of friends I have.
BUT heres a taste of my virtual splot page. 
What do you pin?

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Shaylynn;) said...

This is random, and perfect.

I thought I should comment on your above post;)