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Its that time of year where my choice in music slowly shifts.
Boniver is my year around favorite but, fall and winter suit him best.
I listened to Brackett, Wi before almost every wedding last year.
Its so amazingly perfect and gets me in the right mindset to create something snazzy.

Next up is  Yeasayer - I remember
Its been on repeat a lot while editing, mmmmm so good

Lastly, the long awaited new Feist album.
I really loved, Cicadas and gulls and how come we never go there.
Be sure to cozy up with someone you love
warm wishes

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Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

BTW, you can come to my house anytime and help me go through my closet and pick out new combinations! YOU Can even come be my personal shopper! :) YOu have amazing taste!! PS I love your choices of music also!